An Insurgence of Communication


a book vs. a Kindle

With the advent of new technology, the idea of owning books is diminishing.  The stories that once took authors hundreds of hours to type are now starting to change shape. People around the globe are now turning to their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and e-books for reading purposes. Bookstores are shutting down due to decreased sales because books are starting to be viewed as an obsolete object. New forms of communication have been produced for us that are putting end to writing letters or having to travel great distances to tell someone something. It is making the act of communicating with others almost effortless.


Forms Of Technology

With this advancement of technology, for example, the television, we are allowed to share with people across the nation if a crisis is happening. We can also share products through commercials, recipes for meals, entertainment, news, sports events, and so much more. We are able to broadcast many of these topics PREVIEW-FILEthrough channels, which we control with a remote. Soon this process became even easier. We created laptops, which we coded to hold information and the ability to access the internet. With the internet, we would be able to search for any answer we could possibly seek. These were soon condensed to even smaller devices like the cell phone and tablet. With these, we can search the internet for our answers, much like we would with our computers. Another extremely popular form of communication being used is social media.  Social media allows us to share images with each other along with words of inspiration. Although we share captions with each other, they aren’t very lengthy, which has become appealing to younger eyes. People have also created ways where you can live stream yourself and talk to people face to face from different places with applications such as facetime and skype. You can play video games with each other and share reviews on products. With the internet, communication is endless. But the more you look at it, the more you notice there’s a downfall to these communication devices.

Future of Communication

We have come so far in advancements, but this is only the beginning of a whole new era. With the creations of these devices, we have given ourselves an opportunity to escape into our own little worlds. We become enclosed within our phones and social media. It becomes a part of our daily lives and distracts us from the world. We become so wrapped up, we start to communicate more electronically rather than verbally. By communicating through text and social media, it doesn’t allow us to read other people’s emotions, can actually lead to a lack of connection. It is starting to tear a hole in our communication, therefore, we need to find a way to mend it back together.

Within the last thirty years, we have been advancing faster than ever, and it will only get faster. People believe that we will have holograms that can make 3D calls that display a person’s form right from a certain platform. With this form of communication, people would be able to pop up from a platform and talk in a 3D form to someone else. It would allow us to connect with other people’s emotions over the phone better because we can see their face and body language. This can be seen in movies such as Star Wars and Back to the Future II. Our tablets and laptops are only becoming thinner, creating a belief that one day the devices we use will be as thin as the paper we once wrote on. There are styluses too, which would be a replacement for pens and pencils. It would make electronics much more compact and organized, but also very intelligent. People are already starting to abandon their books and pushing for more eBooks. All of the trees once used to create thousands of books, essays, notecards, drawings, pencils, etc. are now going to be usable with the swipe of a finger.

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”

-Peter Drucker

In this quote Peter Drucker states that by hearing what isn’t said, it can help improve communication. In this new and advancing age of technology, it is more important than ever that we remember to maintain our human connection with each other rather than simply an electronic one. Communication brings new ideas and concepts that people may have never developed on their own. I believe that as long as we all tune into each other’s thoughts and ideas, the face of communication could change forever. It is up to us to improve communication, for it is such a vast topic with many spanning branches. Communication binds all of us together, making us realize our intimacy and mutual values; this bond will only become stronger with our development.
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